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Clearwater Beach

If Clearwater Beach had a theme song, it would be “Walking on Sunshine”. This fun, friendly, casual beach town is always abuzz with activity and good vibes. Clearwater Beach sits on a long, thin barrier island off of Florida's west coast within 25 miles of both St. Petersburg and Tampa. Though a trip to town on the mainland takes just a few minutes, Clearwater feels worlds away from the big-city atmosphere. This laid-back area is known for its beautiful coastline with Clearwater Beach being one of Florida's best, but you'll also find several other attractions worth checking out.

When you're not at the beach paddleboarding, riding jet skis or parasailing, among other water sports activities, take some time to enjoy Clearwater Beach's historical theaters, parks, shopping districts and casual beachfront restaurants. You'll also want to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see the attraction's famous dolphin residents.

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